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SIGN – Simple and legally compliant

Sign digitally. Legal certainty guaranteed.

Qualified signatures (QES) are equivalent to handwritten signatures in Switzerland and the EU. In most countries, a QES also complies with the requirements of money laundering legislation.

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Sign digitally.
For everyone. Always legally valid.

Do not take any unnecessary risks. With SIGN you always sign securely and legally – thanks to qualified electronic signatures (QES). Certified for Switzerland and the EU.

fidentity SIGN

Simple for everyone.
Can be used without preconditions.

Sign immediately
fidentity SIGN

For all contracts.
Thanks to integrated identification.

Sty compliant
fidentity SIGN

Everything from a single source.
For smooth integration.

Getting started
fidentity SIGN

Simple for everyone.
Can be used without preconditions.

fidentity SIGN

For all contracts.
Thanks to integrated identification.

fidentity SIGN

Everything from a single source.
For smooth integration.

Not Only Banks Trust Us.

Companies from various industries rely on fidentity’s identification and signing solutions.

Sign digitally in 2 minutes. With the Gold Standard.

A signature on paper makes digital processes cumbersome. Digital signatures with a few clicks have no legal effect. In Europe and Switzerland, the law stipulates that so-called “qualified electronic signatures” (QES) have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. fidentity SIGN is audited by KPMG and complies with the legal requirements (CertEs in Switzerland, eIDAS in the EU). So you can have both. A completely digital process and legal security. With SIGN, you and your customers can sign easily, quickly and securely – at any time and from any location.



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fidentity SIGN

Can be used at any time.

Users can sign immediately at any time. fidentity recognizes whether identification is necessary and always guides the user through the correct process. Simple for the majority of your users and reliable in edge cases. Signing works without preconditions, without downloading the app and without registering with a password. All you need is a smartphone, a valid ID document and a smile.

Ease of use

Fast for power users

Whether for one-off signatures or regular use: signing contracts with SIGN is simple and secure and is suitable for external and internal contracting parties such as customers, employees or partners. Thanks to secure authentication via the user’s device login, there is no need for cumbersome user registration with a password.

Simple for all users

Your users want to use your service. They are not interested in regulation or signatures. With fidentity, they make it as easy as possible for you to complete the tedious steps. The process is guided, there are no unnecessary decisions to make and help is always just a click away.

Integrated into your processes

If you pass your users back and forth between different solutions, they tend to get lost. You can recognize this by poor completion rates. SIGN works perfectly in conjunction with your existing processes. We provide you with optimal support in creating a guided, uninterrupted process that your users understand. Apart from fidentity, you do not need any other solutions for identification and signature. The visual and technical integration into existing solutions is seamless.

fidentity SIGN

For all contracts.

Digital signatures from fidentity are suitable for all types of contracts, especially when written form is required by law or there is a high liability risk. SIGN from fidentity fulfills the requirements of a Qualified Electronic Signature according to ZertES and eIDAS and is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Legally compliant in EU and Switzerland

A solution for the whole of Europe

The Qualified Electronic Signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature in Switzerland(ZertES) and the EU(eIDAS). It has the highest probative value, but requires the signer to identify himself with official identification. Thanks to the seamlessly integrated identification with IDENT, the digital signature is completed in just a few minutes.

Comply with formal requirements

Many contracts are subject to explicit or implicit formal requirements. A credit agreement with consumers must be signed by hand or signed with a QES, otherwise it will not come into effect. An employment contract is valid, but fixed-term clauses are not enforceable unless signed with QES. Avoid risks due to formal errors and sign important documents with QES.

Comply with regulation

In many countries, e.g. Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Romania, a QES proves that the identification is sufficiently strong to comply with the due diligence requirements of money laundering regulation. Financial service providers can therefore fulfill all regulatory requirements by combining IDENT and SIGN.

fidentity SIGN

From a single source.

SIGN integrates seamlessly into existing processes. In combination with IDENT, you get an all-round carefree package. You do not need any additional service providers or an app. The fidentity modules interact smoothly with your existing process and solution landscape.

Swiss development and maintenance

All in one

SIGN works perfectly in combination with IDENT. You do not need any other service providers in addition to fidentity, as the legally required identification is seamlessly integrated into the signature process. SIGN is easy to integrate into existing systems and workflows.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to modern APIs, fidentity can be easily integrated into existing processes and controlled by them. If required, special adapters are also possible, which make interaction with legacy applications child’s play.

On Brand

A consistent brand image is important for your success. fidentity supports you by white labeling the entire solution. Your customer is in contact with your brand at every step of the process and is not confused by different brands.

Your advantages with SIGN

Avoid unnecessary risks – with SIGN, your customers, partners and you always sign with legal validity thanks to qualified electronic signatures (QES).

Our solution is certified for Switzerland and the EU and meets all applicable legal requirements so that you always remain legally compliant. The application is easy to use, completely web-based and multi-channel capable. Rely on SIGN for more security and convenience with electronic signatures.



Delight your customers with an intuitive user experience and avoid frustration or detours via the app store. The fully web-based process can be seamlessly integrated into your business processes.


SIGN has been audited by KPMG and fulfills all legal requirements for the qualified electronic signature QES. Only this standard is equivalent to a handwritten signature.


One application for Switzerland and the EU: SIGN fulfills all legal requirements in Switzerland in accordance with ZertES. It also meets the requirements of the EU in accordance with eIDAS.

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